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We Provide Complete Eye Care Services in Paterson and Fair Lawn

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Our office provides comprehensive exams, emergency treatments and full eye care to all adults and children. Our Fair Lawn location is convenient and reached easily from Glen Rock, Paterson and Elmwood Park, NJ.

Dr. Jeanine Graves is highly qualified and experienced with diagnosing and treating a vast list of ocular conditions, such as dry eye, macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. When it comes to visual correction, we focus on accuracy and take the time to do complete visual exams to determine your need for eyeglasses or an updated prescription. Dr. Graves is skilled at fitting specialty contact lenses, such as bifocals and lenses to help with astigmatism. Our office is equipped with cutting edge, advanced technology, to ensure that you always receive the best service and treatments available.

No matter your eye care needs, we will fulfill them expertly.

Our optometry practice in Fair Lawn, NJ, offers:

  • Dr. Graves will evaluate your eyes for vision quality and health issues. In addition to diagnosing vision problems and eye disease, a comprehensive eye exam can reveal much about your general health. Pediatric exams are particularly important, as early identification of vision difficulties can prevent delays in learning and development. Special considerations are also taken for contact lenses.
  • Early identification of a child's vision problem is crucial. At Visionary Eye Care we have the technology, expertise and experience to diagnose and treat all your child's eye care issues in our pediatric eye exams. Stop by our Fair Lawn office today!
  • Eye care technology and treatment is constantly advancing and progressing. Using the latest equipment, we take an aggressive stance against many eye diseases that had minimal treatment options in the past. We encourage early testing and precise management of conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. With close attention to modern developments in the field, Dr.Graves is highly qualified and skilled at ocular disease management.
  • We use the most up-to-date technology to ensure the best eye care possible. Learn about the different types of tests and equipment you may experience on a visit to our Practice.
  • Did you wake up to find a bad case of pink eye? No need to rush to the hospital with every eye emergency. We are fully qualified to treat your eye infections or soreness. We are also experienced with removing foreign objects from eyes. Call immediately in the event of an emergency.
  • Our Fair Lawn eye doctor is experienced and knowledgeable with dry eye treatment.
  • More than just a nuisance, dry eyes can cause extreme irritation, an increased risk of infection and inflammation of the cornea. Caused by a lack of moisture and lubrication, we offer treatments for this irritating condition.
  • An early eye examination of your baby can help prevent possible vision problems later on. This assessment is offered for infants between the ages of 6 months and one year old, as a one-time complimentary service for all patients, regardless of ability to pay.
  • Plush, long eyelashes are no longer a dream! Latisse ™ can help you outline your eyes with thick lashes that enhance your natural beauty.
  • Your eyes need extra protection during sports and physical activity. We offer a full range of sports eyewear to boost your performance and keep your eyes safe.