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Our Optician’s Favorites

Eyewear must be functional and fashionable. Your eyeglasses provide crisp vision and make a statement about you and your unique personality. At Jeanine Graves OD, our opticians will help you choose the perfect pair of frames for your vision and appearance. It can be hard to narrow down your options when looking through the attractive array of eyeglasses in our Fair Lawn, NJ, boutique store, and we’ll be happy to help!

Do you want to communicate sophistication and a serious attitude, or would you prefer that your eyewear conveys a casual, trendy message about your personality? Our friendly optical staff is very familiar with all the designer frames in our collection and we can point you towards the styles you favor. With a range of top designer eyewear brands in our Fair Lawn shop, we have our winning standouts that we’d love to tell you about!

We’ll share the advantages of each design with you, and ensure that your eyeglasses are able to support your visual needs. No matter what eyewear you purchase, all of our frames are durable, high quality and provide top value. For your convenience, many eyeglasses come with matching sunglasses. Once you make your choice, we’ll craft and fit your prescription lenses in our on-site lab, so your eyeglasses will usually be ready within the same day!