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order contact lenses online from your fair lawn eye doctor

Welcome to the Visionary Eye Care Online Store

Order Contact Lenses and More, Delivered Straight to Your Home

Ordering new contact lenses in Bergen County has never been easier. Our Fair Lawn eye clinic is now able to process your orders online and send the contacts directly to your home at no additional charge. Now you can order your contacts through your local optometrist, without having to come in to pick them up.

We guarantee a safe and secure order, with rapid shipment anywhere in the USA! Order your contacts now.

Don’t see the contacts you want? Give us a call at 201-693-4767. We will try our best to accommodate you and we are always looking to update our online store.

Why Should I Buy Contact Lenses from My Optometrist?

There is plenty of advertising online from online vendors trying to persuade you to order through them rather than through your eye doctor. They typically claim to offer the best pricing with slick and convincing campaigns. However, there are some really good reasons to stick with your local optometrist.

Dr. Jeanine Graves of Visionary Eye Care in Fair Lawn  describes some of the major advantages of ordering through your optometrist:

Exclusive Rebates

Online vendors often appear to offer the lowest price on contacts. They push this idea hard in order to get you to cut your optometrist out of the picture. However, it just isn't true. Most of the time, your optometrist can provide significant rebates that are provided to them by the major contact manufacturers. These rebates are often only available to your optometrist to offer. Even where the rebates are available from any source, the online vendors usually do not know about them, and can't get you any help in redeeming them. When you buy with your eye doctor, they walk you through the process and make sure that those savings are passed down to you.

Trust the Eye Expert you Know

It's your eye doctors job to make sure you look and see your best, as well as to maintain and protect your overall vision health. Your optometrist also is responsible to make sure that your vision correction is safe, accurate, and comfortable, and convenient. A major part of fulfilling this role is getting to know each and every patient individually with a personal connection in a way that encourages an ongoing dialogue about the patient's needs and long-term visual health.

With a faceless online seller, on the other hand, there is no personal relationship and no doctor oversight. All you are left with is an unknown customer service level. You have no way to verify that the quality, accuracy, and safety of the lenses are fully verified, or that they are the best choice for your eyes.

Should a problem arise: an infection, dry eyes, a poor fit, or anything else, your local eye doctor is the best bet for taking care and recommending the right changes in lens type, prescription, or any other vision health consideration. You simply cannot get that oversight, support, and help from an unknown customer service rep.

The smart choice is to buy contacts straight from your local optometrist.