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Do I have to wear sunglasses if I already wear prescription glasses?

As an eye doctor, I’m always telling patients in my Fair Lawn Eye Clinic about the importance of wearing appropriate eye protection. The research and my own experience is definitive. Prolonged exposure to UV and UVB rays significantly increases the risk of serious vision conditions including Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, and even Cancer.

Most of my patients who regularly wear glasses are much less at risk, since, today, any quality prescription lens is going to come with full spectrum protection from UV and UVB rays. Nonetheless, unless you opt for a premium transition lens, you are going to want prescription sunglasses when driving or spending time outdoors. This applies not only during the sunny months of spring and summer but also applies equally in the winter when the sun is low and in your field of vision. Not to mention all that snow reflecting all that light.

clip on sunglasses are hideous. Get prescription sunglasses in Fair Lawn, NJ

These Clip-On Sunglasses are a crime against fashion

Sure, some people choose to fit an oversized pair of regular sunglasses. This can work just fine in a pinch, but you’ll find it a pretty lousy solution long-term. For one thing, it’s not going to be comfortable at all, and that’s if it even stays on your face over those glasses. You can also go with clip-on sunglasses. These might be more comfortable and stay on better if you manage to find a pair that fits on to your glasses ok without scratching them up to bits―a real concern. But then again, even if you find the “perfect fit” with clip-ons, the fashion police will probably arrest you. It’s not exactly a good look. For anybody.

If you live in Bergen County, my suggestion is to drop by our Fair Lawn eye clinic. We have a fantastic selection of designer frames and sunglasses, including Tom Ford, Silhouette, and more.